Batting Cage at One Utama, KL

Backdated post.
Actual event took place on 9th March 2008.
My first weekend back in KL, and I’m loving it.
Went to One Utama during the evening with Hafiz during the weekend, and we decided to try out the batting cage. 

I first saw this on Hotelier, another one of Aya Ueto’s drama. In the show, she goes to this batting cage to hit some baseballs, and said its a good way to destress, after a hard day’s work. Seeing that it was quite fun, I decided to have a go as well. 
The batting cage was located on the rooftop of One Utama. You will need to access the particular lift, in order to go up there. By the time Hafiz and I went up there. It was already dark. Here’s a pic of me at the entrance. (Hafiz took the picture with his phone’s camera.) Looks like I’m entering into some enchanted place, with the flourescent lights around.

We saw a Malay guy playing there, and he was quite skilled, I must say. He was hitting at a percentage of almost 90%. Only a 10% miss.
Prices of playing are quite okay. There is an unlimited 30 minutes play, meaning the balls will keep launching at you for a continuous 30 minutes, 9 seconds per ball launched. I forgot about the prices though. One can sign up to be a member, and get cheaper rates.
I paid RM18 for 3 tokens, each token entitles you to 15 balls. Since there is a 9 seconds per ball rule, a token can only last about 2 minutes plus.
It does not look as easy at it seems. The Malay guy made it look so easy, when it most certainly was not. I played 2 tokens, while Hafiz only played one. My probably of hitting was probably only 25% > 30%. Only managed to hit 4 or 5 balls. The rest were all missed.
Here’s a picture of Hafiz batting.
Although the hit percentage was low, there is a great feeling when you actually hit the ball. There will be a huge metal knocking sound. The bat will still be vibrating. The bat is made of aluminium I suppose. It was rather light to carry, and feels rather solid. Nevertheless, Hafiz decided to take a video of me batting my second round. I only managed to hit 4 or 5……
 To have a better view of players and the place, please check out the below website.
It’s a Hit! Batting Cages
1 Utama Rooftop (new wing) 
Feeling rather tired today.
Gotta run.
Take care everyone.


6 Responses to “Batting Cage at One Utama, KL”

  1. Terming Says:

    looks fun, i should find one place here n try it for myself!~ glad that u enjoyed urself

  2. Alan Says:

    Hi Ming! You should! Good way to destress. But take care and don\’t hurt yourself k?Don\’t swing TOO HARD. Hugs*

  3. ChioHui Says:

    i wanna play~~~!!!go japan and play….muwahahahabtw din knw msiagt… wonder if sg gt or not…
    sure dun have one… =(

  4. Alan Says:

    Hi Chio Hui!
    Very hard to say, whether Singapore have or not.
    Come KL someday and try, if Singapore doesn\’t have.
    Have fun!

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